Connecting teachers with innovative training
and enrichment programs to improve student performance


TeachingReady.org is an open online learning initiative to support the ongoing professional development of teachers and school leaders. 

Today, there are two fundamental challenges when it comes to providing effective professional development to K12 educators:

  • School districts struggle to give teachers and school leaders the time and economic support required to develop new skills and apply best practices within the classroom.
  • Nonprofits that are committed to supporting K12 educators struggle to provide training and enrichment programs beyond their local communities.

We designed TeachingReady to help alleviate these constraints for both K12 school districts and the nonprofits that seek to serve them. 

For school districts:   Using Cornerstone’s online learning platform, teachers everywhere will be able to take training on their own schedule and build professional learning communities of peers who are implementing the same practices, so they can benefit from group reflection on common challenges.

For nonprofits:   Building on the success of their school-based programs that are addressing issues such as obesity reduction, tolerance training, conservation, bullying, and aligning with the common core, TeachingReady will provide the technology to deliver these programs online to even more educators and have a far greater impact on student achievement.

We have just begun this journey to bring TeachingReady to the millions of educators around the world.  If you would like to learn more about TeachingReady or get involved in the initial rollout, please contact us. Together, we can empower teachers to do what they do best – educate, enlighten, and inspire students for generations to come.