Letter from Julie

The idea behind the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation was a simple one: by investing in the people working in the nonprofit sector, we could help transform, strengthen, and empower communities around the world.

We started the Foundation with the basic premise that we could leverage our human capital management software, our HR expertise, and our ecosystem to help us accomplish this ambitious and important goal.

And the need to prioritize the people who power the nonprofit sector is real and pressing. Because we know that some of the most critical challenges facing nonprofits today are directly related to an organization’s ability to find, train, and retain the right people. That’s talent management. And just like any other organization, nonprofits need a clear talent management strategy—a way to effectively invest in and engage their employees and volunteers.

But allocating the resources to develop and manage talent is a significant hurdle for nonprofits, particularly given the many competing organizational priorities and the limited funding for human capital needs. While donors are prepared to invest in creating new initiatives or in scaling existing programs, funding is rarely available for organizations to invest directly in their workforce, particularly if it comes at the cost of supporting programmatic activities.

This is where the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation comes in. We know your people are your greatest resource—individuals working to make the world a better and more vibrant place for all of us. It’s our mission to help you fulfill yours, and our expertise—talent management—can be our greatest contribution to you.

From technology donations (Technology Grants) to open online training (DisasterReady.org, NonprofitReady.org, and WorkforceReady.org), and expert human resources consulting (HR Pro Bono Corps), we’re committed to helping organizations better develop, engage, and retain their people so that together we can transform, strengthen, and empower communities around the world.

About Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand is a leading global provider of comprehensive talent management solutions delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS).

With an original tagline of “Educating the World,” the company began as an online learning company guided by the notion that technology could significantly and beneficially increase access to education.

Although the company has since expanded beyond its origins as a learning delivery provider, Cornerstone remains committed to the fundamental idea that education is central to development, performance, and success. This core belief is embedded within the company’s corporate DNA, and by extension, into the very fabric of the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation.

Cornerstone OnDemand’s corporate business is premised on the concept that companies realize better business outcomes when they successfully educate, empower, and engage their most valuable asset—their people. Our integrated, cloud-based suite—Cornerstone’s Recruiting Cloud, Performance Cloud, Learning Cloud, and Extended Enterprise Cloud—enables organizations to meet the challenges they face in maximizing the productivity of their human capital.

Today, over 27.7 million users in 42 languages across 191 countries rely on Cornerstone software, technology, and expertise to build stronger, more committed workforces, including leading organizations such as Starwood Hotels & Resorts, The Neiman Marcus Group, Save the Children, and Virgin Media.

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