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September 23, 2014Justin Wedell

September is National Self-Improvement Month... as if you needed another reminder to seek personal improvement. Scan the aisles of your local bookstore (if you have one), look at the top-sellers on Amazon, or pay a visit to any blog, and you’ll be greeted by a barrage of self-help manifestos. Become a better person! Boost your career! Increase your impact! This idea of continuous improvement surrounds us on all sides, yet how often do we, as nonprofit professionals, actually embrace the credo in our organizations?

For many of us, the answer is an awkward pause and an acknowledgement of probably not enough. Each of us individually has a number of reasons for this, but there are also frequently larger, sector-wide issues at play. It is no secret that many nonprofits, already operating with threadbare resources available for operations and professional development, are often unable to provide such improvement opportunities for their employees. The result leaves many of us scrambling to find development opportunities on our own or - even worse - with no opportunity at all.

If we hope to continue to drive increasingly greater impact as a sector, this becomes highly problematic. Without investment in the skillsets and careers of nonprofit professionals, the programs they administer start to stand on more precarious footing. Our collective success and sustainability as a sector depends on our ability to cultivate our individual - and consequently organizational - capacity to continually raise the bar on impact for our respective missions.

This is the very reason why we created NonprofitReady.org. A no-cost open online learning portal exclusively for nonprofits, it provides both individuals and organizations with a platform to access the training and development that has been so often unavailable. Whether you want to improve your public speaking, your management style, your fundraising strategies, your social media savvy, or any other number of essential skills, there are resources available on NonprofitReady.org for you to begin that journey. Such opportunities have long been at a premium in the nonprofit sector - a problem that we hope to erase.

Cliche as it may be, I suppose it’s fitting that we’re launching this portal during National Self-Improvement Month. Whether you’re a nonprofit that wants to be able to provide additional training for your team or an individual who simply wants to grow, NonprofitReady.org is available to meet your needs. Sign up today to take unlimited courses for free and discover what you can achieve.



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