Embrace Your Inner Superhero

October 22, 2014Justin Wedell

Can your professional skills save the world?

This is the burning question that I ask of my sessions at company orientations, usually accompanied by a slide adorned with a Superman silhouette. Typically, it’s met with smirks and laughs, and for good reason. When one usually thinks of saving the world, skillsets as vanilla as HR or accounting don’t tend to rank too highly on the list of superpowers. Instead, superhuman strength, laser vision, and the power of flight often rule the day. How can financial wizardry, talent management expertise, or marketing best practices ever hope to hold a candle to these?

As with most things, the answer is a matter of perception. Sure, we could all wait for our superheroes to come flying to the rescue - those who we feel are specifically built for such world-saving endeavors. In the real world, this often involves the expectation that the “big guys” - governments, large organizations, major foundations, famous philanthropists - will step in to save the day. They have all the resources, influence, and power, right? Who are you, but a small pawn in the greater landscape of the haves and have-nots?

It is this attitude that we at the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation want to change.

Who are you?

You’re a hard-working, career-driven professional whose education and experience have led you to a successful role in your organization. You are talented team member with boundless knowledge about your profession and role. You are a consummate pro with a deep expertise that has bolstered your company and made you the highlight of more than your fair share of networking events. You are a superhero... capes just aren’t your thing.

There is so much that you can do to save the world and it starts with the knowledge of just how valuable your professional skills can be. This is especially true when considering the nonprofit sector, where organizations are frequently subject to a drought of resources as they try to continue to drive meaningful impact for their communities and causes. Pro bono volunteering can help to alleviate these pain points. When you connect with a nonprofit to share your expertise - be it in HR, accounting, or any number of other focus areas - you help an organization to achieve more substantial and sustainable mission success. From your assistance, nonprofits gain the critical insight and support to drive the kind of programs that can change the world. That change might not arrive faster than a speeding bullet, but with your help, it can come to life in a way in which existing resources would’ve never allowed.

Ready to embrace your inner superhero? Volunteer your skills today and help solve a nonprofit's talent management challenge with our HR Pro Bono Corps.

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