Full Speed Ahead: Setting Sail with the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation 2013 Impact Grantees

April 30, 2013Julie Brandt

Back in January, I introduced you to a new initiative at the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation: the Impact Grant Program. Through this initiative, selected nonprofits receive a two year donation of Cornerstone’s learning and development software and services to help them scale their community education initiatives, increase their impact and accelerate their efforts to address a pressing challenge in our society today. I’m excited to share with you the three mission-driven organizations that we selected for an Impact Grant in 2013.

And the Winners Are…

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Currently, 1 in 3 children in the United States is overweight or obese, putting them at risk for serious health problems such as diabetes, asthma, and heart problems. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation   is leading the charge against the childhood obesity epidemic by engaging directly with industry leaders, educators, parents, healthcare professionals and—most importantly—kids. By collaborating with schools, out-of-school programs and health insurance providers, the Alliance’s goal is to hasten a tipping point where healthier environments for children are the norm and not the exception in this country. 

To date, the Alliance’s programs have been delivered primarily through face-to-face and resource-intensive models. Using the Cornerstone Learning Cloud, Alliance has the opportunity to effectively expand its programs through online courses, virtual live and on-demand learning events, and 24/7 access to resources, materials, and experts. We are excited about supporting the Alliance’s goals of reaching 30,000 schools with free programs and services, and expanding the Benefit program to 6 million youth, ultimately improving the health and well-being of more than 15 million children across the country.

Darkness to Light (D2L)

Each year, 6 million children are involved in child abuse, and not all cases are reported. Eighty percent of sexually abused children meet criteria for at least one psychological disorder as adults, and this abuse and its long-term effects cost our communities upwards of $124 billion annually.[1]

Darkness to Light (D2L) provides education and prevention programs to combat child sexual abuse and fuel a cultural change of societal norms and behaviors of adults who engage with children. Through their signature training program, Stewards of Children, D2L teaches adults how to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. Since the program’s inception in 2006, Stewards of Children has trained more than 450,000 adults in youth-serving organizations, schools, youth athletic programs and faith communities, parents, and caregivers.

Now with the Impact Grant and Cornerstone’s software, D2L will be able to make a newly redesigned online version of Stewards of Children widely available – and affordable – to individuals concerned with the protection of children. During the two years of the Impact Grant, D2L aims to provide training to more than 50,000 adults, laying the groundwork for their long-term aspirations of training 5 percent of the adult population, allowing multitudes of children to grow up healthy and better protected from the horror of sexual abuse.

The Ounce of Prevention Fund

In America, 1 in 5 children lives in poverty.[2] Low-income children underperform academically, have lower rates of high school graduation, and are less likely to maintain steady employment. High-quality early childhood intervention and education is proven to help level the playing field for low-income children and put them on a path to success in school and in life.

The Ounce is a recognized leader in training and best practices around early childhood home visitation, a practice in which home visitors meet regularly with low income mothers and children ages 0-5 to enhance parenting skills and support healthy child development. They developed the Ounce Institute which provides ongoing professional development opportunities to 95 percent of the home visitor workforce in Illinois. Currently, the Ounce Institute is offered primarily through in-person instructor-led training sessions, which is not a scalable model to address the growing number of home visitation programs. In fact, today there are no national online training opportunities available to community-based home visiting programs.

This is a critical moment in history for early childhood intervention, as there is heightened awareness, interest and investment in early childhood education and home visitation programs from leaders in the business, research, and political arenas. Through the Impact Grant, the Ounce will be the first organization to spread this important initiative to the national community, providing the 28,000 current home visitors across the country with cost-effective, high-quality training opportunities to build their competencies, bringing about long-term positive outcomes for the 450,000 at-risk children and families that they serve. 

The Journey Ahead

In the coming months, I’ll be sharing updates on how we’re progressing with our three 2013 Impact Grantees—expect to see big things coming from these outstanding organizations! Stay tuned as the stories unfold, and if you are part of or know a nonprofit that would be a good fit for our Impact Grant program, I invite you to learn more.

Congratulations again to our 2013 Impact Grantees!


[1] ChildHelp, Child Abuse in America, 2010, http://www.childhelp-usa.com/pages/statistics.

[2] The Urban Institute, The Recession’s Ongoing Impact on Children, 2012, page 1. http://www.urban.org/UploadedPDF/412713-The-Recessions-Ongoing-Impact-on-Children-2012.pdf.


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