September 17, 2014Justin Wedell

Every day at the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation, our focus is talent management. We think about it, we talk about it, we write about it, and - if we’re being completely honest - we probably dream about it too. Our goal is to be able to provide nonprofits across the world with the tools to ensure their employees are in the best possible position to achieve greater mission success. Sometimes this means providing organizations with software that can help manage the learning and performance of their staff. Other times, it’s the facilitation of pro bono consulting services, so that nonprofits can draw from the talent management expertise of leading HR professionals. Our core strategy however, is always the same: invest in the people behind nonprofits so that they can drive more significant programmatic impact.

One would think such a strategy would be fairly commonplace. But as many in the nonprofit sector can likely attest, resources for operations are frequently slim. For a wide variety of reasons, there is an unfortunate lack of funding earmarked for employee development and performance in our sector, the repercussions of which can be severe. If employees are not invested in and provided with opportunities to grow themselves as professionals, their nonprofit careers can quickly become a story of tragic resource deficiency and stunted potential. This leaves many of our most passionate mission-driven professionals ill-equipped to carry out and expand upon their duties. Just as importantly, it handicaps all those nonprofits seeking to maximize their organizational impact, by failing to ensure that they are supplied with a pipeline of evermore capable talent.

It’s this scarcity of widely-available professional development that led us to create A no-cost online portal, is designed to combat the problem of limited training budgets by providing nonprofits with an easily-accessible library of diverse training resources. If a nonprofit wants to provide its employees with the latest training on leadership development, volunteer management, fundraising strategies, or any number of other essential skills, this tool makes that immediately possible. More importantly, these learning opportunities are not static. In addition to self-paced courses, offers interactive online communities, allowing learners to connect with both subject matter experts and fellow nonprofit professionals to share best practices and experiences from the workplace.

We believe that every nonprofit professional deserves access to the training and peer support necessary to deliver even greater programmatic results. When employees are empowered to expand their capacity, they, their organizations, and in turn, the sector as a whole, all stand to benefit. is now open to all nonprofits and nonprofit professionals, entirely free. Get empowered at

About Justin Wedell

As Manager of the Nonprofit Empowerment Program, Justin Wedell is responsible for maintaining and supporting the Foundation's global portfolio of capacity building services, including the HR Pro Bono Corps and Gift of Learning.

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