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October 17, 2016Alec Green

Two employees of Cornerstone (referred to internally as “Cornerstars”) recently completed a pro bono consulting project as members of the “Cornerstone Corps.” The corps is a group of volunteers within Cornerstone that give their time and expertise outside of work to help nonprofits and other organizations with project based consulting.

Vasselle Barber and Leslie Ballard both work in client service roles at Corrnerstone––Vasselle as an Engagement Manager and Leslie as a Client Success Manager. Before joining the Cornerstone Corps, both had been active volunteers with nonprofits in their community, but were new to the world of pro bono work. 

For their first Cornerstone Corps engagement, Vasselle and Leslie were brought together to help an organization focused on improving educational outcomes for preschoolers in the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Head Start program. As the organization looked to expand, the HR leadership needed to design and implement a digital onboarding plan for some key positions. The duo helped the organization structure, and configure a large amount of online content into various curricula and develop a communications plan to ensure their employees derived maximum value from the training. 

For Leslie and Vasselle, the consulting project not only stretched their own knowledge of the Cornerstone products, but provided them the opportunity to apply their skills to an entirely new sector. As a result of their efforts, this organization has fundamentally changed its approach to talent management and is positioned to expand the onboarding program to more employees. As Vasselle explains, “It is nice to ‘teach someone to fish’ with the system functionality and very rewarding to know that you have positively impacted an organization that is grateful for the help.”

Both Vasselle and Leslie valued the opportunity to work closely with an organization that would benefit immeasurably from their expertise in ways that weren’t typical of their day-to-day responsibilities. Time is a limited resource for all of us at Cornerstone, but Leslie believes her experience with pro bono consulting has been worth the extra effort: “I recommend every Cornerstar participate in at least one Cornerstone Corps project. The clients are grateful for an expert helping hand and you know you’re making a real-world impact.”

Ready to join Vasselle and Leslie and volunteer your time and talent to support the Foundation and our partners? Cornerstone employees can sign up today for the Cornerstone Corps. Not a Cornerstone Employee? Head over to Taproot+ and find a skills-based volunteering project that fits your experience, passions, and availability.

Sign up and make a difference today!

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