The Nonprofit Ready Podcast Interview: Amy Sample Ward of NTEN

August 25, 2015Alec Green

On our most recent episode of The Nonprofit Ready Podcast, we were joined by Amy Sample Ward, CEO of the Nonprofit Technology Network, better known as NTEN.

We designed the Nonprofit Ready podcast to provide a “day in the life” perspective from engaging professionals from across the sector.  Amy gave us a glimpse into what it’s like to serve as CEO of a nonprofit membership organization with the mission of helping other nonprofits use all aspects of technology more effectively.  NTEN is, in her words, “a pretty meta organization, an organization that serves other organizations.”  Yet, the daily functions of her job and the lessons she has learned in her tenure as CEO have broad applicability to anyone looking to build a community-driven mindset within their organization. 

Read more about Amy’s career development and what she sees as some of the key success factors for any nonprofit professional.

Amy began her career at a local nonprofit supporting victims of domestic violence.  There, she was an early adopter of technology within her organization and has gone on to become a frequent writer and speaker on effective use of technology within the nonprofit sector.   In our interview, Amy shares her perspective on why some nonprofits are reluctant to adopt new technology (it’s not always due to budget) and the one mistake she sees nonprofits make when deciding what new platform or marketing channel they will invest their time and resources.

Read more about using technology for social impact on the NonprofitReady Blog.

Thanks to Amy Sample Ward for joining us on the Nonprofit Ready Podcast.  Learn more about the professional development resources of NTEN and the upcoming Leading Change Summit at

On the next episode, we’ll be joined by Steve Culbertson, CEO at YSA.  Steve is a very inspiring speaker and this is one discussion you will not want to miss.  So be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud  or look for us on your favorite podcast app.  We value your feedback on our new Nonprofit Ready Podcast series, so please share your ideas in the comment section below and take a moment to leave a rating and review on iTunes.

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