The Nonprofit Ready Podcast Interview: Mark Haggarty of OneGoal

August 07, 2015Alec Green

Mark Haggarty is the Director of New Site Development at OneGoal, a national nonprofit identifying, supporting, and training our nation's most effective teachers to lead underperforming high school students to graduate from college.

In this first episode of The Nonprofit Ready Podcast, Haggarty discusses how he made a shift in his career from the early days of working in ecommerce in San Francisco to his current work in the nonprofit sector and how this transition was made easier by joining organizations with missions he deeply believed in: 

“Find the thing that matters to you… because once you get involved with that cause, you will meet a lot of people that have that same passion along with you.  And I think you’re going to need it in order to sustain yourself.”

Haggarty also talks about the essential skills required to be successful in his current role bringing the OneGoal program to new cities: "My job is relationships, 100%,” Haggarty says, describing the complexity of his job in simple terms. "It is about the maintenance of relationships for the good of this organization to serve these kids that have a real need.”

In 2006, he earned his MBA and talks about how he applies this formal business education to his current work: 

“Don’t believe that in order to go into nonprofit you need some separate set of business skills. I actually don’t believe that….  The nonprofit sector benefits from smart, business-minded individuals that are looking to apply those skills to bettering a social ill.”

Thanks to Mark Haggarty for being the first guest of the Nonprofit Ready Podcast. 

On the next episode, we’ll be joined by Kevin Morgan, CEO at ProLiteracy.  Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or SoundCloud to catch every episode.

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