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October 18, 2016Emmanuelle Lacroix

Our Foundation team is often referred to as “small but mighty”––a committed bunch of Cornerstars working hard to support the Foundation’s goals and deliver lasting impact. The reality, however, is that we don’t always have the bandwidth and staff capacity to seek out qualified partners and represent the Foundation everywhere and every time there are opportunities to do so.  

We have ambitious goals to expand our reach and collaboration around the world. Given that the majority of the Foundation team is based in the US, we are relying on our Cornerstars across our global teams to support and enable the mission of the Foundation, especially in EMEA.

Our Foundation Ambassadors play a pivotal role in helping us to achieve our mission. Our Ambassadors are a network of passionate Cornerstars who also want to give back. They work directly with us to find new collaboration opportunities and share the story of the Foundation, internally and externally. Together we can expand our ecosystem of partners and volunteers to magnify our impact.

Being part of this journey is indeed a rewarding and inspiring way to engage Cornerstars in the Foundation’s efforts and mission––it is not just us saying so, we hear it from them!

We know how busy everyone is at Cornerstone so we always aim to be realistic about how much we ask of our Ambassadors. And a lot of their activities are directly linked to their day jobs: a Sales colleague will be able to connect us with a nonprofit prospect whilst a CSM can represent us at a partner and client event to spread the word about the Foundation.

In the coming months, you will get to hear more about their work as we will feature these awesome individuals. So, be sure to watch this space for more!

If you would like to learn more about the Foundation Ambassador Program, please contact me.

About Emmanuelle Lacroix

Emmanuelle (Em) is the Partnership Development Manager for the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation and is based in London to help expand the reach and impact of the Foundation’s portfolio of capacity building offers with a focus but not limited to the UK, France and... more


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