Partnering with CFSI to Rebuild Lives

June 22, 2017Alec Green

In Southeast Asia, the need for humanitarian aid is ever-increasing. The Philippines and surrounding countries is one of the most disaster-prone regions in the world with earthquakes, floods, and typhoons occuring on a regular basis. The impact of these natural disasters is magnified by political instability and armed conflict, such as the ongoing insurgence in Marawi City

One local NGO that has heroically worked to protect and promote the people of this region is Community and Family Services International (CFSI). Through a variety of programs, CFSI helps people who are displaced by persecution, armed conflict, and natural disaster to rebuild their lives.

I had the opportunity to speak with CFSI’s Executive Director, Dr. Steven Muncy, last year and was immediately humbled by his story. He came to the Philippines in 1980 in response to the situation of Cambodian refugees who were receiving asylum in the Philippines. Intending to stay for two years, he saw how dire the situation was for these refugees and worked with other volunteers to launch CFSI to help those in need.

Today, CFSI has approximately 200 employees, the majority of whom have themselves been displaced by political circumstances or natural disasters and have joined CFSI to serve their own people. Dr. Muncy has maintained a steadfast commitment to promoting the well-being of his colleagues at CFSI and believes that providing access to education is a critical step toward fulfilling that commitment.

As Dr. Muncy explained to me, “We aim to be a learning institution, we aim to be always growing in our knowledge and in our skills and in our ability to analyze events. At the same time we are an organization that invests heavily in our own people, developing their capacities, strengthening them, building their confidence, and creating new opportunities for them.”

His cultivation of a learning culture at CFSI is what ultimately led him to Our foundation awarded CFSI a grant to utilize DR+ and their employees have since taken over 2,000 courses.

In our latest video, we learn how CFSI uses to deliver these essential learning opportunities to its team members and see the transformative impact it has had on both individuals and the organization:

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