Pro Bono Spotlight: Cristobal Colon

April 08, 2014Alec Green

As part of National Volunteer Week, the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation is proud to recognize some esteemed members of our HR Pro Bono Corps for their vital contributions to the nonprofit community.

Today, we salute Cristobal Colón, an Implementation Consultant here at Cornerstone.  Cristobal joined the HR Pro Bono Corps in 2013 and brings a potent mix of deep technical expertise and nonprofit savvy to his volunteer engagements. With extensive hands-on experience in Learning, Performance, and Succession, Cristobal is a true pro bono triple threat.

Tell us a little more about your background and how you got involved in the HR Pro Bono Corps.

I have been in the Human Resource Development industry for almost 15 years.  The greatest aspect of working in this space is the involvement with helping people achieving their career goals.  Joining Cornerstone On Demand (CSOD) as an Implementation Consultant a year ago was yet another step in continuing to help others in my career. This time I get to help organizations achieve their talent management goals.  My desire to help others stems from a faith and passion that is a visible character trait in the community I serve.  Prior to joining the HR Pro Bono Corps, the extent of volunteerism in my life spanned involvement with individuals grieving a loss of a loved one, teaching children in small group settings to international outreach like Operation Christmas Child and mission trips to Cuba.  In all these situations, I leveraged manual labor and teaching skills that focused on the individual or community.  The HR Pro Bono Corps presented an opportunity to increase the spectrum of helping others into organizations that help others.  This is an exponential experience that allows me to leverage both the CSOD solution and my expertise in talent management to reach many who desire to improve their lives or help others through the organizations participating in the HR Pro Bono Corp program.  This was a natural step in my volunteerism walk.

Since joining the HR Pro Bono Corps, what volunteer projects have you worked on?

So far, my first and only HR Pro Bono Corps project is with Project Hope.  This organization is dedicated to providing lasting solutions to health problems with the mission of helping people to help themselves.  This project involves the integration of user data collected from the Project Hope website and loading it into the CSOD portal, creating new users that will use the portal for training. 

What has been the most rewarding part of this experience?

The most rewarding aspect of working in this new volunteerism channel is seeing the tangible change we can make in the operation process of the organization we are helping in a virtual setting.  I liken it to bringing relief or installing a water purification system in a developing country, but from the comfort of my desktop.  The HR Pro Bono Corps allows me to serve others as a interwoven thread in the fabric of my daily work life with results that are visible and the impact immediate. 

What advice would you give to someone interested in volunteering for the HR Pro Bono Corps?

For those considering joining the HR Pro Bono Corps, I say these volunteer opportunities require us to be engaged, proactive and diligent.  These organizations will be focusing mainly on accomplishing their mission so we have to be mindful to not let the volunteer project fall through the cracks.  Working remotely and not being in a live volunteer setting could distract us. Make it a priority and build it into your schedule. 

Do you have a few hours available to help a nonprofit improve their talent management processes?  Volunteer with the HR Pro Bono Corps and join our ever-growing community of HR professionals making a difference.

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