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October 27, 2014Rebecca Zacanti

An estimated 1.73 billion people used social media in 2013[1] and that number continues to rise. To ensure that your nonprofit organization is optimizing its social media presence to engage its users, here are five quick tips:

1. Find your tone.

Define and set a tone for your social media account. In order to do this, know your organization inside and out. Imagine you’re the same character every time you communicate via social media.

2. Be interactive.

Make it your goal to have your followers interact with every post. The point of using social media is to be social! The biggest mistake people make is continuing to use social media as if it’s just another way to spew information out. Remember those rolled up, black and white pieces of paper that used to appear on your doorstep in the morning? People don’t get those anymore (unless they have a pet rabbit) because it’s a boring, slow way to receive news. If you’re posting questions, challenges, or ways to get involved then your followers are much more likely to comment and get a conversation going. If there’s ever a time you can include a picture or video, do it.

3. Quality over Quantity.

People tend to put a lot of pressure on the quantity of followers they have when they should really be concerned about the quality. A quality follower is someone who interacts with and shares your posts. These are the people who tell their friends, both on and offline, about your organization and its message. When they do that, they’re doing your job for you!

4. Don’t go overboard.

Don’t post every second of every day. Do your research. There are tools that you can use to see when the majority of your followers are online, so schedule your daily posts according to that data. It’s much more effective to have a few posts per day that people actually see rather than cluttering their feed all day long.

Also… #This #Is #Too #Many #Hashtags #For #One #Post #YoureGoingOverboard

5. Have fun!

People go on their social media accounts for a distraction, so add some humor when appropriate to your posts.

What has helped your nonprofit optimize its social media channels? Share your tips below or tweet @csodfoundation with your suggestions. 

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