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The Critical Role of Pro Bono Consultants in Nonprofit Strategic Planning

June 11, 2015Alec Green

How does a nonprofit with 6 full-time employees find the time, resources, and expertise to develop a long-term talent management plan?  In our ongoing interview series with Foundation partners, we caught up with Megan Chery, Manager of Development and Special Projects at The Alliance for Water Efficiency about her first consulting project through the...

And the Winner is...

May 20, 2015Alec Green

We are proud to announce the winner of the inaugural HR Pro Bono Corps Volunteer of the Year Award.  Rachel Marino Vital, Manager IT Training at the University of Miami, has been a member of the HR Pro Bono Corps...

Embrace Your Inner Superhero

October 22, 2014Justin Wedell

Can your professional skills save the world?

PS - I Love You

July 07, 2014Justin Wedell

Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately, depending upon your taste in movies), this post is not a reflection on the questionable film of the same title. No, this post is all about Performance Support (PS) - a learning model that some have heard of, few have engaged, and many...

It’s Not You, It’s Me – Nonprofit Capacity and the Pro Bono Bottleneck

June 17, 2014Justin Wedell

“Water, water, everywhere,
and all the boards did shrink;
water, water, everywhere,
nor any drop to drink.”

- Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner...

Will your next CEO be ready in 2 years?

April 24, 2014Jocelyne Durando

Succession Management establishes a foundation to ensure your organization has the right talent, in the right position, at the right time. Effective Succession processes allow any organization to respond quickly to change, and to overcome the loss of key talent and leadership.

Pro Bono Spotlight: Jeff Caldwell and Dan Costello

April 11, 2014Alec Green

As National Volunteer Week rolls on, we are proud to recognize two of our most tenured HR Pro Bono Corps...

Pro Bono Spotlight: Salima Hemani

April 10, 2014Alec Green

National Volunteer Week rolls on and we are proud to recognize another member of our HR Pro Bono Corps. ...

Pro Bono Spotlight: Bob Cummins

April 08, 2014Alec Green

As part of National Volunteer Week, we are proud to recognize another member of our HR Pro Bono Corps.  Bob...

Pro Bono Spotlight: Cristobal Colon

April 08, 2014Alec Green

As part of National Volunteer Week, the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation is proud to recognize some esteemed members of our...

Pro Bono Spotlight: Jennifer Pittman

April 07, 2014Alec Green

Welcome to the first day of National Volunteer Week. This is the 40th anniversary of National Volunteer Week and a great opportunity to celebrate those members of our community doing...