Taking Home the Gold: DisasterReady.org Wins CLO Learning In Practice Award

October 23, 2013Julie Brandt

We’re thrilled to announce that the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation took home a Gold Award at the Chief Learning Officer Learning in Practice Awards, recognizing the Foundation’s recently launched DisasterReady.org initiative. This coveted award commends the work we’re doing to support disaster preparedness by offering a free, easy-to-use online library of e-learning courses and other training resources that helps prepare humanitarian aid workers for the challenges and demands they face in the field. Launched just six months ago, DisasterReady.org has already helped thousands of aid workers in the field across more than 150 countries.

We created DisasterReady.org out of the understanding that the sheer number of global emergencies continue to rise while humanitarian action and disaster response is only becoming more complex. Given the Foundation’s focus in the area of disaster response, we saw the opportunity to leverage Cornerstone OnDemand’s learning software and its expertise in training and development to be a conduit for change among humanitarian aid workers. We wanted to do it right, so we asked humanitarian experts in training, capacity building and humanitarian assistance from Save the Children, Oxfam, InsideNGO, Mercy Corps, Project HOPE, CARE, AmeriCares, UNHCR, IFRC, and World Vision to help us develop DisasterReady.org.

As a result, DisasterReady.org now offers dozens of best-in-class eLearning courses and live and recorded webinars on key humanitarian issues that range from international law, staff wellness and security, to water sanitation, leadership, team building skills and more. There’s also the opportunity to participate in aid worker training webinars and connect with other humanitarian aid workers to share best practices and resources.

A few of our most popular course themes to date include:

  • Travel Safety and Personal Security – for aid workers traveling to high risk operations
  • Humanitarianism – to learn about important principles and standards of aid work and then apply them to scenario-based challenges
  • Soft-Skill Courses – to give aid workers the necessary communication, leadership and project management skills
  • Languages – to enable aid workers to learn or improve upon their language skills when being deployed to English, French and Spanish speaking operations

We’re on a mission to bring this free disaster response training resource to millions of humanitarian aid staff, volunteers and partners across the world, and we invite you to join the DisasterReady.org community today. We firmly believe that preparedness is the key to minimizing the societal and economic effects of global emergencies.

Please visit the DisasterReady.org site to learn more about our initiative.

Also visit the Chief Learning Officer Web site for more information about this year’s CLO Learning in Practice Award winners. 

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