Increasing capacity of disaster relief and development professionals by making training accessible anytime, anywhere

Aid workers operate in extremely challenging environments. Whether providing relief aid from sudden onset disasters to crises that stretch over long periods of time, or providing development aid for communities to thrive post-disaster, aid workers must be well-trained and equipped to respond and assist. DisasterReady.org leverages state-of-the-art learning and social networking technology to provide disaster preparedness and response training to aid workers around the globe via a dedicated web-based portal.

Through DisasterReady.org, aid workers can share resources and information and access customized online learning anytime, anywhere in the world. By providing high-quality, accessible disaster response training at no cost, DisasterReady.org enables aid workers to do what they do best: save lives, rebuild communities, and restore hope.

To take advantage of this free online resource, visit us at DisasterReady.org.