Impact Grant Program

Leveraging Technology to
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This nonprofit technology grant offers recipients a two-year donation of Cornerstone software, including unlimited use of our learning management system (LMS) and access to a range of pro bono business consulting services. Priority is given to those organizations and projects that can deliver powerful results and demonstrate the ability to scale and sustain initiatives.

Learn more about the Impact Grant program on our blog, and watch the short video below to learn how current Impact Grantee Darkness to Light is using the Cornerstone OnDemand learning management system to reach its goal of training millions of adults to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. 



Impact Grantees

 Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Spotlight on Impact Grant Recipient

To ensure that all American children—particularly those born into poverty—have quality early childhood experiences in the crucial first five years of life.

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The Ounce of Prevention Fund is a national human services agency with the goal of improving educational and life outcomes for over 360,000 young children in poverty. Since 1982, a small team has been training home visitors in Chicago to help teen parents nurture the healthy development of their children. As the Ounce began to expand the program in Illinois, the organization found in-person training sessions to be cost prohibitive and struggled to affect the same change in practice outside of its local market.

With the goal of bringing the training to more than 22,000 home visitors across the country, the Ounce was awarded an Impact Grant in 2013 to implement its new Achieve OnDemand online training platform. With a January 2015 go live date, the small group that started out training a handful of home visitors in Chicago 30 years ago, is well positioned to bring its training to more than 80% of the home visitors across the country.