Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation Launches Program to Help Increase Nonprofits’ Global Impact

January 31, 2013Julie Brandt

The Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation was established in 2010 to address critical talent management challenges among nonprofit organizations. Across the globe, nonprofits provide vital services and assistance to communities in need, and too often do not have the resources to train and develop their own talent, let alone an external network of volunteers and partners. We seek to change that with programs and services that leverage Cornerstone OnDemand’s talent management and learning technology and expertise, to help strengthen the capacity of nonprofits so they can achieve broader mission-driven impact in the communities they serve. 

Recognizing the value in supporting nonprofits’ talent management programs, most of our initiatives have been focused on developing an organization’s internal talent—a frequently overlooked, yet essential need among nonprofits. We’ve seen lots of progress from our programs, having delivered more than $6 million in impact since our inaugural year.

I’d like to introduce you to a new program we’ve developed to help nonprofits extend their reach—the Impact Grant program. Through this granting initiative, we’re broadening the focus of training and development to include a nonprofit’s external network of volunteers, clients, and community partners.

Here’s how the Impact Grant program works: with preference given to those nonprofits that can demonstrate executive level support and a clear plan to support and dramatically expand an existing educational program or initiative, participating organizations receive a two year donation of Cornerstone software and services, which includes unlimited use of our Learning Management System (LMS). This allows nonprofits to scale their learning and training initiatives and exponentially increase their impact. To ensure nonprofits are able to effectively leverage this LMS donation, they also receive access to a range of pro bono business consulting services.

The Impact Grant and Project HOPE

Project HOPE, an international health and humanitarian relief and development organization, was the first recipient of an Impact Grant in 2012. The organization launched the India Diabetes Educator Project (IDEP) in 2007 to address the 60 million (and growing) Indians living with diabetes by training local healthcare professionals to recognize, treat and help patients manage this disease.

With the Foundation’s Impact Grant, Project HOPE is able to exponentially scale its IDEP training delivery by using Cornerstone’s Learning Management System (LMS). Through the LMS, healthcare professionals in India will participate in an online diabetes training program that includes animation, assessments and moderated group discussions to make the distance training experience more engaging. Additionally, Project HOPE will now be able to process online registrations, collect course fees, communicate electronically with and extract detailed reports for all program participants.

Before the Foundation’s Impact Grant and its resources, 3,000 health care workers were trained during the five years IDEP had been established. With the implementation of the e-Learning program through the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation, 100,000 health care workers will be trained by the end of 2014, significantly accelerating Project HOPE’s ability to reduce diabetes-related mortality by increasing access to trained diabetes educators. Project HOPE anticipates expanding this model to other countries and to address non-communicable diseases by 2015, leveraging our grant to exponentially increase their community impact.

We’re thrilled about the progress we’ve seen so far through the Impact Grant program, and we invite you to apply for a grant if your nonprofit has a program that requires a technology solution to help extend its reach and community impact. For more information or to apply now, visit:

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