Meet Our Impact Grantee: Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH)

June 17, 2015Alec Green

For the last 20 years, Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) has partnered with housing providers and social service agencies to bring supportive housing – affordable residences with wraparound social services – to those who need it most.

CSH Managing Director Liz Drapa

CSH is a recognized expert in the field of supportive housing and has embarked on an aggressive plan to expand its Supportive Housing Training Center.  To support the growth of its online training platform, CSH was recently awarded an Impact Grant from Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation.  We caught up with Liz Drapa, Managing Director of CSH Consulting and Training, to learn more about the field of supportive housing and how they leverage online learning to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable populations.

Tell us about the mission of CSH and the beneficiaries of the specific program that will benefit from the Impact Grant?


CSH Supportive Housing UnitCSH is the national leader in advancing supportive housing, which combines affordable housing with services to help vulnerable people live healthy and empowered lives. Supportive Housing ends homelessness, reduces the use of costly emergency services, and also improves the health of people and communities. While highly effective, it is a still an evolving field, and there is a need to bring it to scale and build stronger capacity. We offer training, capital, expertise, information and innovation to allow our partners to create and use supportive housing to achieve stability, strength and success for the people in most need. CSH works with housing developers, social service providers, government agencies, healthcare workers and supportive housing providers to enable them to develop and operate high-quality supportive housing. We touch a wide variety of sectors, including housing, child welfare, youth, criminal justice, veterans, elderly, and healthcare.

CSH In Person Training

CSH provides intensive one-on-one training and technical assistance (TA) to supportive housing project teams, guiding them in developing project plans, securing funding, conducting feasibility studies, and assessing sites. We also advise governments on community plans to end homelessness and innovative ways to address homelessness.

CSH launched the Supportive Housing Training Center in 2014 with the goal of streamlining/standardizing its training line of business. The Training Center is poised to grow in 2015 and beyond. The Impact Grant will position CSH to share and exchange knowledge with more jurisdictions and participants. Doing so will improve our ability to fulfill our mission, including bringing supportive housing to scale, and advance the priorities laid out in our 2013-2015 strategic plan. 

How does the Impact Grant change your strategic plans going forward?

We realized a few years ago that CSH could not realistically have a physical presence everywhere in the country all of time, but we could expand our reach and impact through training – electronic classes, webinars, forums, etc.

CSH’s 2013-2015 Strategic Plan establishes five core priorities to guide our work: 

  • Build on our legacy of leadership to move industry outcomes beyond housing stability
  • Assure that housing solutions are accessible for more people in more places.
  • Fuel the industry with targeted capital for growth and innovation.
  • Improve and sustain quality in supportive housing.
  • Ensure high performance and accountability by aligning practices with strategic goals.

CSH Supportive Housing Mom and KidTo achieve this ambitious vision, CSH is working to increase engagement with and training options for vital public systems such as health care, public housing, addiction services, veterans affairs, workforce services, criminal justice and child welfare, encouraging the adoption of supportive housing to improve how these systems respond and deliver services to their most vulnerable clientele. The Training Center is playing an integral role in our efforts to reach more of the leaders and doers who can make supportive housing and systems change realities in their communities.

A robust Training Center, providing in-person and online trainings and resources to leverage innovation and best practices, has been identified as a critical part of CSH’s operations. It is a cost-effective way to reach more practitioners.

The Impact Grant will provide us with the more sophisticated infrastructure necessary to realize the full potential of our Training Center.

With the grant, the Training Center will introduce a state-of-the-art learning system and process that increases knowledge, retention, and interest around supportive housing, while effectively improving on-the-job skills, resulting in the increase in number and quality of supportive housing units in the U.S. and Canada.

More specifically, our future goals for the Training Center include:

  • Over 3 years, double the number of people and organizations accessing training on critical supportive housing subject areas
  • Decrease the average cost per person on training by offering more online training and webinars by eliminating travel costs 
  • Provide an easy-to-use platform for both users and the administrator, resulting in time efficiencies in delivering our learning products, and improved reporting and tracking ability
  • Generate enthusiasm for training offerings by creating a community of learning
  • Increase revenue generation through the sale of training offerings/products, ensuring continued expansion and sustainability

CSH Supportive Housing Training Center

Congratulations to CSH and all the recipients of the Impact Grant! Be sure to follow the Foundation on Facebook and Twitter for updates from each of our Impact Grantees.  

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