Volunteer Profile: Noémi Monin-Wolter

April 12, 2016Alec Green

Noémi Monin-Wolter believes in the power of nonprofits to transform communities.  Throughout her work life, she was drawn to give her time to various international organizations “I’ve always worked with NGOs, it’s just been a calling. Probably because many of my relatives have been working in a similar environment.”

After working with the Olympics and Paralympics, Noemi spent 6+ years working in learning and development with the UN in Germany. While she was on maternity leave, she was introduced to the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation and the DisasterReady.org initiative.  Wanting to keep her skills sharp while caring for her newborn son, Noémi signed up with the Foundation’s HR Pro Bono Corps in August 2013 and immediately began volunteering with DisasterReady. Soon, she was helping to translate content into French, conducting research on new learning resources to bring into the system, and developed a new e-learning course.

On the heels of this volunteer experience, Noemi decided to join Cornerstone full-time as an Implementation Consultant in Germany.  In this role, Noemi works with a variety of organizations to tailor the Cornerstone system to their specific needs. The work keeps her busy but she values the challenge of balancing her time across multiple clients and adjusting her approach to the needs of very different organizations.  Over the last year, one of her major implementation projects has been with The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs (OCHA).  OCHA is the first Foundation Strategic Partner based in EMEA and the implementation will enable employees and partners in the field to take critical training that heretofore was inaccessible.  Creating new learning opportunities for field staff has been incredibly rewarding for Noémi:  “The field teams are doing something fantastic.  Maybe I can’t be in the field to provide direct service, but helping UNOCHA implement their LMS allows me to contribute to the purpose of this organization.”

“Noémi has brought a very valuable and thoughtful perspective to her work with the Foundation,” says Alexis Denny, Director of Technology Grants and Consulting at the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation.  Alexis worked with Noémi on both the DisasterReady pro bono project as well as the OCHA implementation.  “She understands that the resource challenges and unique culture we often find with our NGO partners require an extra level of patience, flexibility, and thoughtfulness. From the beginning, the team at OCHA saw Noémi as a trusted thought partner and strong advocate for their project.”

Given her passion for the nonprofit sector, Noémi derives special meaning working with Foundation partners and NGO clients of Cornerstone:  “I enjoy every project with private sector clients and the work we do with them is always challenging and incredibly important. But when I have a chance to work with organizations like OCHA, there’s something more to it for me.”  She also sees these projects as a unique personal development opportunity: “It’s a great experience to see organizations that work in a different manner than private sector.  It opens new perspectives on how to do business.  You learn a lot about what it’s like to work in the field.  You meet people that are truly engaged and have incredible stories to tell.  This is extremely enriching from a personal perspective.”

With a full workload of ongoing client projects along with 3 children between 2 and 8, making time for additional volunteer engagements is an ongoing challenge.  But Noémi looks forward to continuing her support of the Foundation as a member of the Cornerstone Corps:  “One of the things I appreciate most in volunteering with the Foundation is the large variety of ways you can contribute. In my job, I have many different clients, but the day-to-day activities are mostly the same.  By volunteering with the Foundation, there are so many different activities you can do and organisations you can support.  It’s very refreshing.”

Ready to join Noémi and volunteer your time and talent to support the Foundation and our nonprofit partners? Cornerstone employees can sign up today for the Cornerstone Corps.  Not a Cornerstone Employee?  Head over to Taproot+ and find a skills-based volunteering project that fits your experience, passions, and availability.  Sign up and make a difference today!


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