Areas of Focus

The Foundation seeks to extend our reach to all nonprofit organizations, but changing the world requires passion and focus. We invest our resources in areas and initiatives where there is a clear need for our software and services as well as where there is the ability for us to have the greatest impact. We give preference to nonprofits working in the following three areas:


Does your organization work to increase high school retention and graduation rates and/or prepare youth for achievement and success in college?

Access to quality educational opportunities changes lives and by extension, improves our families and our communities. It is widely documented that increased educational levels have a direct impact on professional achievement, quality of life, and social stability.

Disaster Relief

Does your organization provide support and assistance in the wake of natural disasters or during emergencies?

Saving lives and minimizing the impact on affected and vulnerable communities require an immediate and coordinated response by professionals and volunteers, all of whom must be well-trained and equipped to provide relief and support. Due to our global presence and our technology expertise, we have a critical and particular role to play in supporting disaster relief efforts.

Job Training

Does your organization offer skills training with a focus on moving disadvantaged populations into the workforce?

Providing individuals with the skills necessary to compete in today’s rapidly changing and global economy is integral to ensuring vibrant and thriving societies. By empowering individuals with the tools and training needed to enter and succeed in the workforce, individuals gain the ability to achieve economic self-sufficiency and mobility.