Using Ally Behaviors to Address Bullying in Schools

November 17, 2017Heather Carey

Recently,  the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) donated some critical training to to help educators support and empower young people who are experiencing bullying. I sat...

Giving Hope to Syrians

September 28, 2017Jackie M. Farris

Amer AlKawareet, a Software Engineer located in Cornerstone’s London...

Partnering with CFSI to Rebuild Lives

June 22, 2017Alec Green

In Southeast Asia, the need for humanitarian aid is ever-increasing. The Philippines and surrounding countries is one of the most disaster-prone regions in the world with earthquakes, floods, and typhoons occuring on a regular basis. The impact of these natural disasters is magnified by...

WeTechCare and the Cornerstone Ecosystem: Great Minds Think Alike

June 16, 2017Emmanuelle Lacroix

In the modern workplace, we hear a lot about “collaboration” and, as building bridges tends to be more effective than building walls, the results of collaboration can be pretty awesome.

Since joining the Cornerstone OnDemand...

Lending a Hand to TeachingReady

May 16, 2017Alec Green

How often do any of us get to put our work on hold and volunteer for a nonprofit? Not for a few hours during the workday, but for a week, two weeks, or a month?  Think about the impact you could have as a skilled volunteer if you could “pause” your day job and bring your skills, passion, and...

Giving Skilled Immigrants the Tools to Compete

April 28, 2017Alec Green

As Civil War breaks out in Syria, Khalid chooses to speak out against the regime, is jailed, and eventually flees with his family to Jordan.  After some time, he makes his way to the Bay Area on a temporary visa and gains asylum, affording him the same opportunity to seek work as anyone born in...

Our Foundation Ambassadors

October 18, 2016Emmanuelle Lacroix

Our Foundation team is often referred to as “small but mighty”––a committed bunch of Cornerstars working hard to support the Foundation’s goals and deliver lasting impact. The reality, however, is that we don’t always have the bandwidth and staff capacity to seek out qualified partners and...

Charting the Course at

October 17, 2016Alec Green (NPR) is an open online learning initiative designed to close the gap most nonprofits face in training and retaining their own talent. Thanks to the generous support of experts from across the nonprofit sector, NonprofitReady...

Making an Impact through the Cornerstone Corps

October 17, 2016Alec Green

Two employees of Cornerstone (referred to internally as “Cornerstars”) recently completed a pro bono consulting project as members of the “Cornerstone Corps.” The corps is a group of volunteers within Cornerstone that give their...

NGO Sustainability: Do you have the capabilities?

August 30, 2016John Hailey

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that many NGOs face a funding crisis. In the UK, we have seen the closure of long-established NGOs such as SkillsShare and the announcement of the end of Progressio all because of funding constraints.